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 Alchimia tra Spazio e Tempo
(alchimia - between space and time)

This exhibition took place between May 15 and 19, 2017 , was developed under the supervision of Antoni Muntadas and Alessandra Messali from IUAV and was curated by Pietro Consolandi, Valentina Granello and Margherita Moro.

The artworks exposed were from Visual Arts master degree students of IUAV, Venice: 

Herlander Alves, Giulia Angeloni, Elisa Businaro, Pietro Consolandi, Francesca Della Seta, Amy Ferullo, Sabrina Losenno, Valentina Granello, Clara Machado, Andria Nicolaou, Luna Pittau, Ionut Popa, Simone Rossi, Teresa Satta e Matteo Savini. 

Project designed by Valentina Granello

This project was realized in collaboration with Pietro Consolandi and Margherita Moro

What is alchemy? Art, science or transformation? Transmutation of things, deception or just a set of circumstances that - with no explanation - lead to a result?

These are some of the questions that artists have faced - questioning themselves and changing their ideas, beliefs and materials - during their creative process. Starting from introspection, they reworked their own concept of alchemy; ideas and interests took a physical shape, embracing themes such as utopia, failure, motherhood, pain…

This exhibition is a conscious and free interpretation of the theme, which explores uncharted territories, articulated in a continuously evolving process.

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